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Western Reserve Orofacial & Cosmetic Surgery Center Akron, Cleveland, Ohio and Canton - Get a Free Consultation.

Liposuction Treatment Consultation

Western Reserve center is distinguished by providing patients with highest quality personal services and unmatched commitment that encompasses the entire body. Western Reserve Center offers an array of procedures from non-invasive therapies to comprehensive cosmetic-surgeries.

Western Reserve board certified experts surgeons constant seek ways to improve their techniques for reducing recovery time with enhanced results. Their cutting edge skills are blended with a personal touch which patients truly appreciate. At Western Reserve we make to see the patients regularly for ensuring that they have smooth recovery with the help up following their progress for an extended period of time.

You can request a Liposuction Treatment Consultation now or call us at 216.227.FACE. You can also visit Western Reserve Center for Orofacial & Cosmetic Surgery at our convenient locations in Canton and Cleveland, Ohio or complete the form and one of our representatives will call you within 24 hours!

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